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HVT IS BACK with Craig’s HVT RELOADED Version 2

Many programs on the market today focus on how to either get you started training or how to get new results for one week and then taper off to a maintenance regimen. HVT, on the other hand, is designed to continually push your body to get more results. Craig’s simple, but intense HVT program will constantly push you to the limit and build new muscle.

This is 12 Weeks of periodized micro cycles with a focus on intra week Heavy Starts and Volume finishes.

  • Free diet calculator to customize your plan and make it easy and worry-free to succeed
  • 12 weeks of nutrition recommendations and workout routines
  • Individually-customized nutrition protocols
  • Over 100 real food choices
  • Unique workouts, including Craig’s Heavy Volume Training Philosophy

1 2 Week Lean Muscle Builder

Using Heavy Volume Training Principles and Periodized Weight & Rep Schemes.
  • 12 Weeks of Workouts with Craig’s unique variations and twists
  • Calorie and Macro calculator
  • Supplement Overview
  • Nutrition Overview
  • 90 + Page PDF

$ 47

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"I’ve been working out for over ten years, and I’ve never had the results and pump that I have gotten from Craig’s HVT plan… Each day the workout was challenging and tough to complete, but after completing the entire workout plan I saw immediate results." -Sean Travis

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Maximize your time and effort by amping up your fitness goals with Craig’s newest Fire and Ice training programs

Craig understands how important it is to stay in the best shape possible while still maintaining a career and a family. This lets you inspire your friends and family, have better health for a longer life, and have the energy you need to be a better, more involved citizen in your community.

Since Craig created his unique Fire and Ice fitness philosophy when he was working long hours on Wall Street, he knows firsthand the importance of a program that wastes no time. All of his workout concept programs are based around these Fire and Ice philosophies. He will teach you to take your body to the limit with each workout with constant variation. Every workout in Craig’s programs will give you visible results in the shortest time possible, so that you can focus on all the parts of your life that are important to you without sacrificing your health.